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June 2018. pp. 149-157

In this study, we investigated the changes in physicochemical properties, antioxidant activities, and contents of functional compounds, such as avenanthramides (AVNs), vitamin E, and β-glucan, in oats by accelerated age-conditioning (temperature: 45℃, relative humidity: 20%). No significant differences were observed in crude protein, crude fat, and AVNs contents of three oat cultivars, up to 63 days of storage; however, their antioxidant activities, as well as β-glucan, vitamin E, and fatty acid contents were significantly different (p < 0.05). β-glucan and fatty acid contents and the antioxidant activities of Deayang (DY) cultivar did not change during storage. β-glucan and unsaturated fatty acid contents of Choyang (CY) and Jopung (JP) increased during the storage period, while antioxidant activities did not (DPPH-CY; 48.1 to 26.9 mg TEAC/100 g, JP; 49.4 to 26.7 mg TEAC/100 g. ABTS-CY; 88.4 to 56.3 mg TEAC/100 g, JP; 80.0 to 55.8 mg TEAC/100 g). The total vitamin E content in DY (1.20 to 0.85 mg/100 g) and CY (1.73 to 1.33 mg/100 g) decreased, but it was maintained in JP. This study indicated that the changes in physicochemical properties and functional compounds of oat grains during storage depends on the cultivars. The result showed that DY, which has the highest AVNs content, has more stable functional compounds and antioxidant activities during storage. These results can serve as essential data for post-harvest management and development of functional food materials for extending the use of oats.

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